Forwarding it to the G+ community Originally shared by Rene K.

Forwarding it to the G+ community

Originally shared by Rene K. Mueller

#OpenJSCAD #OpenSCAD #JavaScript

After a few days coding I can present


I have been waiting for a more interactive frontend, and @Mark_Moissette_ckaos 's CoffeeScript and @Gary_Hodgson 's have inspired me and have shown the OpenJsCad by Joost Nieuwenhuijse can be extended, yet, I wanted to really focus on OpenSCAD programmers and programs and ease the transition to OpenJSCAD, and have a more modern frontend, result is what you see.

I spent a half day on writing documentation at

As usual, this is ALPHA code, warm out of the oven or freshly 3d printed. :wink:

Some OpenSCAD like functions still are missing, prominantly linear_extrude() and rotate_extrude(), which take some more time to code, and some of the 2D primitives I need to finish.

My thanks goes to Joost Nieuwenhuijse, who started OpenJsCad, and allowed me to use his domain to host this frontend. He is unfortunately too busy to continue the development of OpenJsCad, so I kind of picked up the task and anybody else who is interested to contribute.


Wow, nice!

Really nice!

@Sanjay_Mortimer I added your feedback here:
I will look into it.

Nice work, but actually i guess the same benefits are already provided with freecad through python. Main diffence is it’s run in a browser. Furthermore i guess freecad added support to openscad, maybe it could be a good option to add a new “publish” feature in freecad, targeting an open “3d share web site” as thingiverse (but with no company behind) ?

As is your work could act as renderer for the web site, and making the community a step forward.

It s a suggest/idea, curious to see if someone will take it in account :slight_smile:

@Nicolas_Georgemel OpenSCAD in FreeCAD is simply that .scad is processed with openscad and then (as it seems) the .stl included back into FreeCAD - this means, all the disadvantages of OpenSCAD come with it (mainly slow .stl creation). I will work to provide OpenSCAD support through a set of functions immitating the functionality, but all done with csg.js; @Gary_Hodgson has even written .scad to csg.js parser which is planned to be included. I have to try again FreeCAD, the first impression was it was a bit clumpsy and non-intuitive GUI. OpenJSCAD I plan to become 1st stage in the workflow I envision with ; essentially you design via browser, compute anywhere (local or remote), and finally print anywhere (local, or remote).

It is more clear for me ! Congrats and good luck, i will follow the reprapcloud initiative. Thanks to be involved as an opensource actor and sharing your work and knowledge. Regards.