Forgot to add CP was taking the wheel Originally shared by Joe Spanier Put

Forgot to add CP was taking the wheel

Originally shared by Joe Spanier

Put the hammer down on the new GRBL CNC board from last night. Hour solid of cut time taking 1/4" deep passes at 80IPM in Baltic Birch. 5 tool changes without hiccup. Feeling pretty good about the board itself but still not sold on GRBL.

The fact that if I use any of the provided methods of immediate machine stopping means I also loose all of my work offset data is cumbersome. With a complex project like this, where its possible to have a simple program mistake cause the for an immediate stop, its important to be able to return to a known point. With this project I was lucky in that I set my work offset from my work pieces edges, but you cant always do that.

Anyway for small machines, and less complex projects I think this board is amazing. Im going to be using it to convert a Denford micro mill from the Circa 97 CNC software and hardware to modern stuff I can run off a laptop. Exciting little project.

Using the GRBL g28 coordinate system to save the tool-path origin in nonvolatile memory solves most of these issues for me. But my GRBL does still loose the machine origin, in a few cases which I don’t fully understand. Frustrating.

So far, my fix for this is to ensure that machine homing is as repeatable as possible. I can re-home and, send g28 to get back to the toolpath origin in machine coordinates, and then rezero the toolpath coordinate frame, even after a power outage.

… But you have to save the toolpath origin with g28.1, so that it is there later when you need it.

I have a very repeatable machine home. I’ll try the g28 method.

I share the same problem with my TinyG, I can assure you it is frustrating as well for small things, like circuit boards, my primary interest.

Oh man circuits would be way worse than the project I just did. Way more holes and paths and stuff. Way more complex.

@Joe_Spanier It’s a headache for sure. What are you making in this photo?

3d printer frames for a variation on a prusa i3

Liytle off topic, but i noticed you have linear rails and i just bought my first set. If the bearings come off will the balls come out? Any idea would be helpfull.

Apologize, little

they wont come out like a ball screw. But if you jam the trucks on you will pop balls out.

Ok thanks my luck will probably be at least one falls off during assemly lol.