For those who use to design their models,

For those who use #Sketchup to design their models, Sketchup has released a new STL Exporter plugin to make it easier to bring into Replicator G. Plugin installations can be confusing, check out this tutorial on how to install the Sketchup STL plugin.

You bring up a good point. While the exporter won’t repair any “open” parts of your model, it’s really the responsibility of the modeler to make sure they are modeling carefully so they don’t produce unwanted results. You may find this helpful too, it is a guest post by @Marcus_Ritland , he’s a 3D printing expert and created a great guide for 3D printing with Sketchup

Every sketchup part I export with this has flipped/self-intersecting surfaces, and thus far, Netfabb can’t fix them. I’ll stick with OpenSCAD

@Jay_Couture Would you mind sending me a sample SKP and STL file? I’d love to check it out to see what you mean.

@Jay_Couture By the way, #OpenSCAD is awesome!