For those who prefer a dark interface,

For those who prefer a dark interface, I give you ChiliPeppr Darkness with tablet mode. Check it out and let me know what you think.
(based on bootswatch cyborg by Thomas Park)

The Tinyg and Serial port widget are different but the rest looks the same, other than colors. Is this a one off or did you implement a skins approach?

It’s basically just replacing the bootstrap css with one from

That’s super awesome!

You can very easily override any CSS inside ChiliPeppr btw. You could do it on your own with a startup macro. Or create a new workspace like Andrew did. Just make your CSS tags have a higher priority than the default by perhaps adding your own root class name in the body tag and specifying that class in your CSS.

Anyone who makes dark implementations of things gets my thanks. So much easier on the eyes, especially on late nights before bed

Hey @Andrew_Powell it loads for me as the regular chilipeppr interface (non-tablet), just FYI

There is a tablet mode button in the workspace menu (top left). It hides the 3d viewer and re-sizes the widgets to fill the screen.