For those interested what's going on about (essentially like functionality with :

For those interested what’s going on about #OpenJSCAD (essentially #OpenSCAD like functionality with #JavaScript : browser Chrome/Firefox and command-line), see and the G+ community

Recent updates:

  • AMF import & export (additional to STL)
  • RGB+A for all solids
  • torus() for sake of completeness
  • hull(), chain_hull() - hull 2D forms together, all or linear (chain) to extrude later
  • solidFromSlices() - place 2D slices, and extrude them to a solid
  • vector_text() - render text as vectors, and extrude them as you like

check the “Examples” at

PS: It’s still ALPHA code, we are slowly stabilizing the API to move to BETA sometime :slight_smile:

Originally shared by Rene K. Mueller

Quick update: vector_text() and vector_char() added

The main idea you request the vectors / segments / polylines of a text rendered in vector font, and you decide how to extrude or handle it (so we can use it within OpenJSCAD WebGL as well); comments welcome.

rectangular_extrude() is used for “Hello World!”
circular_extrude() is used for “A” (a very crude implementation of circular_extrude using cylinders + spheres)

PS: rendering circular_extrude() is kind of slow (mostly union of cylinder and connecting spheres), perhaps with a native circular_extrude() things speed up.