For those interested, this is our new Delta Go's aluminum extruder and should be

(Shai Schechter) #1

For those interested, this is our new Delta Go’s aluminum extruder and should be able to extrude flexible filaments… although we advertise it as PLA only.

(Brook Drumm) #2

Love that design! Looks familiar :wink:

(Shai Schechter) #3

@Ross_Bagley I cringe every time I think about why the hell would I make it 90 degrees loop, but from preliminary testing, it seems to work just fine. I could have designed it so it gets inserted under the screw to increase the loop diameter, but that would add extra material by extending the height of the bottom piece of the extruder as it is a must to have it come in from the side for easy access.

(Shai Schechter) #4

Watch out @Brook_Drumm this printer will compete directly with the Play :wink:

(Brook Drumm) #5

Awesome!! Bringing on! And best of luck, seriously. We need more in that price range.

(Shai Schechter) #6

@Ross_Bagley I’ll consider it. But I don’t think we’ll add a second hole in addition. If it’s from the bottom, then it would be a separate version. Has to do with production costs.

(Shai Schechter) #7

Oh and I forgot to mention… there’s actually an added benefit to having the filament come in on the side. More grip on the filament…somewhat.

(Whosawhatsis) #8

That really looks like too much bend. The PLA I like to use sometimes snaps when bent less than that.

(Jeremie Francois) #9

Yep, don’t even try Laybrick, e.g. with such a bend! :s

(Alexander Pritchard) #10

@Brook_Drumm @Shai_Schechter You guys both have really nice printers, (or should I say printrs), best of luck to both of you, but I think delta appeals to different people then normal. Any plans for a delta printer Brook?

(Brook Drumm) #11

Agree. Delta folks love deltas. They are really fun to watch! No plans here for a delta. I do like the firepicker approach though- the belts around a pulley. But I’ve never seen a printer like that. Leaving this niche alone for now.

(Shai Schechter) #12

@Whosa_whatsis Who do you get your PLA from? I’d like to test it on the extruder. The extruder has a very steady route to it inside so that it’s not a sharp turn. We use toner plastics default PLA, so far it’s worked fine with all colors and I’ve tested a few other brands as well without issue.

(Whosawhatsis) #13

@Shai_Schechter I mostly use eSun. Most of a spool might just barely be ok with a bend like that, but some colors have a tendency to get more brittle in places (my current hypothesis is insufficient color additive mixing, as it seems to happen more with opaque colors, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it with natural).

(Shai Schechter) #14

@Whosa_whatsis Yeah, we tried eSun long ago (never supplied their stuff) and we didn’t like it. Their stuff was not up to tolerance or good quality otherwise as we found. Toner Plastics is much better.

(Whosawhatsis) #15

@Shai_Schechter I’ve never had those types of problems with eSun, though I do get it through Toybuilder Labs, and they do an extra round of QC on it. The reason I like it is because it’s far more resistant to jamming in all-metal hot ends than any other brand I’ve tried.

(Javier Prieto) #16

When will it be ready to be bought? You are having many great ideas :wink:

(Shai Schechter) #17

@Javier_Prieto Soon! You can subscribe here to find out when: We’re setting up our manufacturing next month.

(Zeno Le Héricy (Z-Inventions Technologies)) #18

Given that I routinely have filament snap in the bowden tube if it snags, I can’t imagine the 90 Degree bend working for most affordable filaments