For the sub $3,000 3D printers,

For the sub $3,000 3D printers, are there any companies offering a 3D printed sample that can be mailed to you? I have received a sample from Stratasys that was free…it would be nice to do comparisons with finished models (obviously realizing optimum settings, etc.) even if it was $2-$3 for one to send.

People into 3D printing are super cool just email them and ask I’m sure they will

I have to ask for samples every now and then because of work and the best way for me is explaining my reasons and offering to pay for the sample shipment as a sign of good will and support to their effort. Usually, people who ask for free stuff without offering anything back are not taken for a serious client.

I’m not referring to asking for one…more like if there’s companies that send out a sample model as a means of attracting customers.

How would they know who to send it to?

Huh? How would who know? Look its very simple. Stratasys has on their website a way to send you a sample 3D printed model, you just fill in your address, etc. I was only asking if there’s other companies in the lower price bracket that offer the same service. I don’t see why its that difficult.

I’m confused. You seem to be going back and forth on whether or not you want to ask for a sample. Are you expecting them to send one to you without you asking, or are you expecting to ask?

By a simple webform, is that so difficult to understand??? Here is an example for you:

Oh. No, most companies don’t send out samples using a web form. For electronics, I think TI and Maxim are the only companies that do; all the others require you to talk to a real person to get samples. For 3d printing, Stratasys might be the only one.

“sub $3,000 3D printers” wow lets start thinkin sub $800. if a company sent you a sample that was brill. Doesn’t mean you your first prints will be like that each and every printer needs to be tweaked and calibrated to produce a quality print be prepared to put the time in and to understand the software/hardware, hell at $200. I’ll buy a makibot just to see if I enjoyed 3d printing.