For the Lulz! This is the closest to "Plug and Play" i've gotten with

(Thomas Sanladerer) #1

For the Lulz! This is the closest to “Plug and Play” i’ve gotten with any 3D printer yet.

(ThantiK) #2

@LulzBot isn’t given enough credit in this area. They really have their unboxing experience down, and their machines are built very well. When the hackerspace here in Orlando got a LulzBot AO-101, it was the most beautiful thing to unbox ever. They are certainly worth their price point.

And for those wondering - I am the one who pinned the post, not Thomas. He puts a lot of effort into these videos, and lulzbot was nice enough to send him a printer to unbox and review, so they deserve some time at the top.

(Ross Hendrickson) #3

Yes, they test their un boxing extensively, worth every penny.

(Joe Spanier) #4

Even the Taz 5 is super close to plug and print. I’ve built a few now but my first one room 22 minutes box to print. My last one I timed was 16 minutes including heatup for ABS.

(Brook Drumm) #5

Inspires me to include a microsd card with an auto start file…, should be under 10 minutes to first print :wink: a bit of a cheat, but that first print instill confidence. Good job, lukzbot!

(James Malenko) #6

@Mark_Rehorst I like the levelling system. It’s probably not as good as an inductive sensor, but it’s better than manually levelling the bed.

(John Davis) #7

@James_Malenko I think what @Mark_Rehorst ​ is objecting to is using 4 points instead of 3. I agree with him. It’s silly.

(Stephane BUISSON) #8

hi @Thomas_Sanladerer ,
you need a large clock in the background of your new video studio.