for the ingentis bed crash problem. here we go, a simple crash protection.

for the ingentis bed crash problem. here we go, a simple crash protection. makes active z leveling impossible as is but hey I’m working on a solution for this too. :wink:


oh yeah to find these look up broom hanger in google and click images.

@Tim_Rastall whats your opinion on this? would have to be customized or hacked to fit but the idea seems solid for breaks to me

Are you thinking this would ride on the gear, belt or smooth rod (ie attached to the carriage)?

@Jarred_Baines rod of course these are used to hang mops and brooms and stuff

@David_Heddle exactly

Ah! Good find! I reckon that’ll do it :wink:

I was originally thinking it was supposed to work 90 degrees around, didn’t realize the bracket was to seat the broom handle, looks much better now that I see how it’s used :wink:

I would sugest ptinting with a curve to gain surface area on the smooth rod

Yes, and on the ‘stopper’ also I guess, or this may not be necessary, might create more friction when printing.

no damn it this wont work. the bed travels down as it prints this would engage the break. there would need to be a way to engage it. maybe it could be held open via electromagnet that releases on power loss?

but with a break we still need a gcode run at the end of prints to lower the bed else when the motors disengage the stage falls but still has power to the electromagnet or more likely solenoid. How do these fair in a heated chamber?

Oh shit…

Either would the cam or ratchet… it’s GOTTA move that direction to print… I always think Z is up but on your bots it moves downward…


How did we all miss that?

I dont know. My running machine is a mendel 90/I3 hrbrid lol so I think of z as a head movement by default

Yeah mines a RepRapPro Mendel so same deal…

I think you could hook the break up to the “common” (not sure if its neg or pos) lead on the stepper? Stepper off = solenoid retracts and brake is applied? That way z is free to move and CAN ONLY move when driven by the stepper?

We have a similar setup on the fourth axis CNC at work, when indexing, if the 4 axis is not being moved it is locked with a brake.

Or solenoid via relay to PSU or even straight to PSU since it is for power failure. Honestly though I think we need firmware correction that would remember the x, y, z, coordinate last commanded and store to eeprom or something so interrupted prints could be finished. Z could be homed. Via max

Wonder how a simple rubberband on the shaft of the Z motor and something else would work. The tension of the band will stop the motor for moving when not powered, naturally it have to be loose enough to allow it to move when powered :slight_smile: