FOR SALE: Selling my 1000x1000mm OX.

FOR SALE: Selling my 1000x1000mm OX. I’ve upgraded to the 1010 Lead CNC and will need to funds for that project build. My 1000mm OX setup is great however I wanted to upgrade to a larger spindle to do more metal milling work. Here are some photos of my current setup. I will not be parting with the electrical components or chains. I am selling the pre-built kit only. I can post a video of the OX carving for anyone interested. I am also selling the Quiet Cut 500W spindle with mount and a 100W PS.

The OX has custom made brackets as you can see from the photos which makes this kit very slick.

Asking $500 for OX kit
Asking $75 for the spindle, mount and PS

prices are in CAD dollars. Would be a bargain for US buyers with exchange rate.

Buyer pays shipping.

Where are you located Rob?

I am located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Try advertising it on Kijiji.
(Niagara Falls boy here who shops Kijiji daily)

@funinthefalls Just posted on kijiji