For anyone who is successfully printing polycarbonate,

For anyone who is successfully printing polycarbonate, what platform material and temperature are you using? Mine keeps coming loose after a few layers.

I tried it maybe a year or two ago, 270C / 100C printed well but was a bit droopy. Maybe 250C might be better for extruder temp.

ABS juice seems to have done the trick.

I’ve heard some say that ABS juice makes it too adhesive; what was your experience @Whosa_whatsis ? -RT

In my case, it was just about right. I might even go with a thicker mixture in the future. I’ve definitely had some ABS prints on ABS slurry that were nearly impossible to remove.

Btw for those who don’t know, ABS slurry is a thick, slimy mixture of ABS disolved in acetone. ABS juice is the same mixture, but with more acetone and less ABS so that it is more liquid (sometimes looks like milk).

I printed a couple Octopi onto plain Kapton (a bit hotter than for ABS). They stuck well to the Kapton, but lacked layer adhesion internally since I didn’t want to push my PTFE-laden hotend over 260C, so I stopped printing PC altogether.
@Whosa_whatsis what Hotend are you using?

It’s a new prototype.