For anyone that may be following along.

For anyone that may be following along. SD3 for the win! Needs to be cleaned up but supports snapped off.

S3D is well worth the price of admission.

Sorry, I am fairly new @ this, what is sd3?

Simplified 3D

Very happy you sorted your problems, and I must admit, I’ve only been glossing over the submissions, but…what is it?

It’s commercial slicing software:
Edit: sorry, perhaps you were asking about the model, not the software?

Yup, what’s the Model?

@Mike_Miller just a piece of oilfield equipment. It’s composed of another 3 major pieces, and I haven’t counted the fine details. The print is a .05:1 scale, to give reference to the amount of detail in the file I’m trying to capture.

Nice! I tried printing out Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home), and it was to similar scale. Ended up looking like an UberHotel for a Monopoly game (you know, what you buy after the property had 4 hotels on it…sudden financial death for whoever lands on it.)