For an adjustable objective lens ???

For an adjustable objective lens ???

Been thinking about this. I may want to make this hack so that I can easily snap in different focal length lenses for cutting vs engraving.

I use a lift table to adjust for large pieces and eventually a rotary table will be built.

Just rip one out of a CD-ROM/DVD drive and try it out. I bet you can find one for free somewhere :smiley: $20 bucks!

Yes I have done as you suggest for other projects but found that getting the remounting of the slider right was a pain.
What I like about this one is that the leadscrew, base and slide are all there.
Your idea is certainly cheaper.

I tried one of thoose, doesnt have any (enough) holding torque at all, even powered.
So i went with a smaller Nema8 instead, work in progress.
I don´t have a movable table, so i´m making a autofocus.

@HP_Persson I saw that slide you posted and had to have it :). Bought it and now its admiring me on my desk waiting for a project…