For all the filament junkies,

For all the filament junkies, I posted a list of most of the filaments I’ve used (over a hundred), along with high resolution pictures (~200MB) and diameter measurements.

Wow @Walter_Hsiao this was a lot of time and money put into this for the community. Big thank you for your efforts sir!

Thanks! though I can’t claim I bought all these filament for any greater good. As someone who’s more used to digital creation, I’m not used to being constrained to any less than 16.7 million colors. 3D printing is like going back to the days of EGA graphics. All these fun new materials only makes it worse.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I also needed an excuse to buy more filament.

Are you sure with meassuring the Colrofabb as 1.71 – 1.74mm?
It is guaranteed to be ±0.05mm . How exactly did you meassure it?

I measure about 6-10 spots along a meter or so of filament with a set of calipers, then repeat at 90 degrees, then at 45 and -45. I don’t expect my measurements to be all that accurate, but it should be consistent across spools. Part of the reason they’re there is I use them as a starting point for setting filament diameter.

I’m not sure why 1.71 - 1.74mm is surprising though, it’s within ±0.05mm for 1.75mm filament.

@Marcus_Wolschon 1.71-1.74 is indeed within +/-0.05mm.

argh…yes, you are right.
I was thinking one decimal place more to the right then it actually is.

@Walter_Hsiao ​ you say most filaments font work with the Up Plus well, we’re there any TPU/TPE ones that did? Or clear ABS ones?

@John_Chan_Madox Any of the clear ABS should work well, though you might want to add a resistor to drop the temperature down from 270°C to 230-240°C (Octave sells some switches that makes it easier). TPU should work, probably also needs lower temperatures, I’m not sure if it would also require mods to the extruder. I never got TPE working for anything much bigger than a washer and I got a new printer around that time so I gave up. I think it would have worked ok I could have gotten it to print slower. I’m several years out of date of what people are doing with their Ups though.

@Walter_Hsiao ​ thanks for the tips. I just got an Up Box and not keen on tweaking it quite yet