For a teaser, here´s a preview of the rear assembly!  =)

For a teaser, here´s a preview of the rear assembly! =)

Looking good!

That looks really great! Nice work.

What printer are you working with?

I have a Replicator (1)

OK, tiny update on CAD progress: rear and front assembly done, chassie plate done, center diff case and motor mount done. Left is the servo saver and a couple of additional stuff.

My compliments for your really good work. As soon as i find an area where i can provide help (I’m a programmer) I’ll be happy to join this project. I’ve no background in mechanics but I’ve learned FreeCad so maybe I can help in some simple parts if you provide some specification or paper sketches to be created in the cad. Which is the software being used for your designs?

Thank you @Franco_Caponi . I would like think this group is not oly about the car i´m about to release but any project that anyone might have and need help or just want to discuss with others. I will provide a strating point which will be a fully functional/printable car but it will need ALOT of improvemets/changes and that´s where i hope the community comes in.

I´m using a Software called @TopSolid which i really love, it´s awesome! I will share source files for TopSolid if anyone wants it. Except for that i usually release STL´s for printing and STEP files that can be modified. But i will provide any format needed (as long as i can export it fromf TopSolid).

I will also try to add some documentation if there is a need for it.

Very nice, what scale car is that for then? Looks big!

It´s 1:10 but it´s a “Truggy” so it´s quite wide. =)