For a double extruder board,

For a double extruder board, would you rather see the hotend inputs be the green screw connectors or more of the JR servo style connectors? Would love to hear reasons why as well!

Screw terminals because I don’t want to buy and solder servo-connectors.

Man, it’s like both these guys know exactly what’s going on.

Pluggable green screw terminal.

Thanks for all the votes guys!! Quite a conclusive response

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I agree with Ross Bagley, I have a x3pro and I’m using the screw terminals but like that I have that choice

Not a fan of the green screw terminals since reading how you aren’t supposed to tin stranded wire for them. Something about the solder melting if pulling to much current?

JR servos aren’t great either, would prefer something like JST (?) connectors that would lock into place.