Followup question to an issue I had a while back:

Followup question to an issue I had a while back: I’m doing a cut of some terrain (on my xcarve), and have the rough and finish passes as two separate files. Rough cut works fine, it’s about 800k. The finish cut, 4.8megs, is giving me grief: something is causing chilipeppr to ‘pause’ the cut every few seconds. This is the behavior I’m seeing (‘c’ for cut, and ‘p’ for pause, numbers are seconds):
c8 p3 c5 p4 c3 p2 c7 p5 etc…
When the pause happens, everything in chilipeppr locks up: the gcode widget showing the commands flying by, the grbl widget showing the SPJS Queue #, and the virtual toolhead.
What could be causing this? Chilipepper, grbl/Arduino, spjs, chrome?
Luckily it always comes back from the pause, but it looks to nearly double the time of the cut.
Any thoughts appreciated.

Somebody will have to port the TinyG buffer over to the Grbl buffer in SPJS to fix the locking issue. It’s been discussed a few times prior that the Grbl buffer has always had a potential for deadlock. TinyG buffer used to have this and was fixed about a year ago. Hitting resume does seem to kick the Grbl buffer so it proceeds, but you can hit the deadlock again.

Thanks for the explanation John.

meanwhile you can use JS to set a click on resume every few seconds