Following up from Seth Messer 's thread here:

Following up from @Seth_Messer 's thread here:

I received my 2 pieces of 360mmx345mm Borosilicate glass from Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass today. I give these guys a thumbs up! The glass was packaged well. Cost per piece when you buy 2 was $29.55 each plus $20 to ship to SoCal. That’s a pretty good deal to me! Just make sure you at least buy 2 pieces. Otherwise it will be $50 for 1 piece (min order amount). It’s good to have a spare anyways, especially for the custom size needed for the Eustathios.

I know of one 3D Printer company that buy bulk from these guys. They’re legit.

Well if there is another person in Houston who wants one of these. :slight_smile:

@Dat_Chu you’ll regret not buying a spare! :wink:

True :sweat_smile:. I am gonna try out a cheap piece of glass before this. $80 is quite some money and I can always upgrade later.

from their website, It looks like they have two different finishes, polished and rolled… Any pros or cons between the two? Does it matter?

@James_Ochs I’m not sure if you have seen it yet, but I was following up on @Seth_Messer 's thread here you should give Steve a call. I did not indicate polished or rolled.

No, I hadn’t seen that comment… thanks though! Not quite ready to order it, but when I do, I’ll ask them the question.

Yeah my fault. I just edited my post to reference it.

Funny story: I called 4 glass shops here in San Antonio and asked for borosilicate glass. All 4 told me “uh… we don’t carry whatever that is.” They only knew it as “pyrex”. How much was it for the sheet?