Following are some features of Eagle Board Widget that don't work properly:

Following are some features of Eagle Board Widget that don’t work properly:

  • Mirroring the Button layer renders the layer correctly (mirrored) on the negative X, however the gcode is generated un-mirrored on the positive X.
  • The setting “Maximum hole diameter to drill” has no effect, drill operation will be generated to all holes regardless their size, no milling operation is generated for large holes.
  • Normal holes are ignored, I have to replace them with vias.

If you are a coder, please feel free to help contribute to this open source project. We all would love those features too, but it’s just a symptom of how much time folks have.

I would love to contribute, I’m more into hardware and embedded software, but I have some experiance with JS, HTML & CSS.
The issue here, I don’t understand how CP is built and where to start if I want to contribute, I appreciate any guidance.

Best way is to watch the 3 videos on the homepage. It gives you a crash course in how CP is built and how to make your own widgets. They all follow the same structure.

Also, the code in the Eagle BRD widget is heavily commented to help folks who want to specifically contribute to that widget, because it’s a killer widget but does need more love.

@jlauer I’m thinking of adding checkboxes to Traces and Dimensions of GCode tab, just like the “Drilling Holes” checkbox, so the users can generate separate gcode for milling, drilling, cutting or any combination of the three, do you think it’s a good idea?

I think that could be helpful, but with the new “Tool Changes” dropdown in the Gcode widget, it will now show those M6 tool changes directly so you can jump around and start your Gcode from those sections. That may make separate files less important.

What could be helpful is a checkbox to “Add registration holes” and it places a hole in the lower left corner and upper right corner of a 1/8" inch size by default. Then you can use your broken end mills to use as alignment pins. The hard thing is you’d have to let them move their holes around and/or even add them outside the board dimensions and then still let them cut out their final board dimensions at the end. Kind of a process, but would make 2 sided be amazing. Heck, I’d even go for 4 layers soon and make a tutorial video because the only last step would be dispensing epoxy glue paths which would be a similar approach to the solder mask tab.

What I do think would be super helpful is real drill paths if you use your end mill to drill any sized hole. Right now we still just send you straight down and then up. Helical tool paths would be amazing to generate the drills.

It would be great to have all these features available, I think I’ll start with drilling holes.

BTW, if you’re good with your mirroring changes I’d love to merge those to the main branch if you’re up for doing a pull request.

I was about to ask you the same, I’ll do a pull request tomorrow.