Foam cutter 4 axis

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I made a foamcutter 2 axis XY (i have slaved motor E0 and E1) works fine, but i need to make tappered cuts, so the foam cutter needs to be 4 axis. My CAD-CAM program can output 4 axis gcode for wirecutter, but it only outputs XYAB letters, is there a way to make smoothie to listen to A and B instead of E0 en E1. My programming skills are poor. please advice.

Thanks in advance!

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(Arthur Wolf) #2


Unfortunately, you will either need to write a script to change your G-code file to use XYZE, or modify the Smoothie source code to read XYAB instead of XYZE.

Tell me if you need help with either.


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Thanks for he replay.

I have reviewed the 4 axis g code, this is the output:

F 200.0000
G0 X 0.0000 Y 0.0000 Z 0.0000 A 0.0000
G1 X 0.0000 Y 0.0000 Z 0.0000 A 0.0000 F 200.0000
G1 X 8.9393 Y 8.9393 Z 8.9393 A 8.9393
G1 X 8.6570 Y 9.3319 Z 8.6570 A 9.3319
G1 X 8.5142 Y 9.7939 Z 8.5142 A 9.7939
G1 X 8.5258 Y 10.2773 Z 8.5258 A 10.2773

Seems like smoothie only needs to listen to A instead of E (XY are working together and ZA)

Which options is better? i guess the script… If you can help me that would be great!.

I’m also concerned with the Home axis sequence, currently I have limit switches at both sides in X and Y axis, so both Extruder motors slaved to X and Y stops with the limits switches X min and Y min. that means that the Y motor slaved to X must stop at the same time, using the X min Limit, Same for A slaved to Z at the Z min limit… is this possible??

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ohh my mistake… Z is the mirror of X and A is the mirror of Y, this is for the limits concern…

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Really, if you are just going to replace two letters in a file, any good text editor will let you do that in 5 seconds with the “search and replace” tool.

You should do this in a first time, just to check the resulting gcode works.