Foam cut of a fuselage using Kiri:Moto and an indexer

Hi there,

It’s just a proof of concept on how to use Kiri:Moto to produce Gcode (then patched) to hotWire cut a fuselage with “facetization”

Original discussion there : Discord

The foam block is too small and was misaligned… but you can get the concept!


That looks promising!

I used to fly model aircraft way back when. I always looked at the kits i was building with thier laser cut parts and foam forms and thought how great it would be to replicate for spares.

How things have moved on. With a little knowledge and not much money we are now capable of having all the machines to do just that!

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Yep it’s really fun.
But do not neglect the price for those machines !

But DIY models has no price !


A hot wire CNC machine. I’d never even have thought of making one, but man, that’s cool.

If you’re making your own 3D model from scratch, and having a machine cut the parts that you put together and paint, would that count as DIY?

I tend to 3D print or laser cut most of my components, and then make the parts up like a kit, so I’ve always hesitated to say that I’m scratch building.

For sure it counts for DIY :+1: