flashed the latest kamikaze image but can't log on,

flashed the latest kamikaze image but can’t log on, tried all the usernames and passwords that were suggested on the web page but nothing works not even root, any suggestions ?.

Have you tried “kamikaze” as the password?

Isnt the username ubuntu ?

Ok - need some help here, which version is “latest”? 2.0.8 or one of the 2.1.0 RC images?

FYI I just released 2.1.0, and the only image with password problems was 2.1.0-RC3. That one you had to login with user ubuntu and password “temppwd”, then run sudo su to set the root password.

ok thanks it seems to work with ubuntu first time I have flashed it and have seen at least 3 different username/passwords for it but seems ok now thanks