Fixed belt .now another problem y axis

i got laser k40 iii with m2 nano digital it runs just fine for like 2h till belt gone
now when i change belt
when i press light on power on and do that switch next to stop button
y motor start and run to left hitting it all time without stopping
on k40 whisperer i cant initialise laser ,it say no usb driver
i uninstall k40 soft and reinstall but on driver install he cant see board
even laser is on hitting that left side all time with bad noise
what to do ?
i change usb cable ,i restart with cable out of laptop ,switch usb sockets
dont have clue any more
was working just fine before belt ,and i wasnt touch el parts
a bit update ,test laser work fine it burn :slight_smile:

ok it connected
but y axis still in reverse
how to fix that ?
was ok before belt burned ?