!Fix (again) for GRBL Probing Issues! I've gone ahead and integrated all the grbl

!Fix (again) for GRBL Probing Issues!
I’ve gone ahead and integrated all the grbl probing fixes into this workspace and the code is all on github. Please test as you normally would: http://chilipeppr.com/grblStaging

I need a few people to verify that everything works or let me know of any problems before we can make this the main grbl workspace.


Great work Ray, will be testing this asap.

Hallo, same issue as with /gbrl probing stops after the first point

@Simone_Marin Can you try this one please: http://cdn.rawgit.com/raykholo/workspace-grbl/1eaefa3ebd54f85a305ce9b2ea575b3fcedb92d3/auto-generated-workspace.html

@raykholo Just verified it is not working, neither in /grblStaging, nor in your rawgit…auto-generated-workspace.html AND also not in /imania. But there’s something else, that’s fishy: the auto-fill generated dots disappear upon first point probed and in js-console i get a “uncaught type error: cannot read property ‘opacity’ of undefined” in iterlayers@VM86:301.Could post you some screenshot if needed.

Hi @Werner_Drasch . We went ahead and pushed the github version to /grbl so it is live. If you see the flash message “Hello, we recently pushed…” in a workspace, that is the latest I am referring to. The changes that /imania had were the autolevel widget and the macro widget. I merged in the autolevel widget into /grbl but his macro widget was broken so that was not merged in, and in fact I updated macro to the latest.

If @Anders_Nielsen can check these issues from


I will be more than happy to merge in the fixes.
It is possible that something changed in ThreeJS, there was a change regarding ShapeUtils (how circles are made) recently, but I believe everything was working fine even after that got pushed. Hard to say. Please do indeed post screenshots and tag me and Anders, the creator of the /imania branch.