First, the good news:

First, the good news: the mini Delta slated for @raykholo ​’s Smoothie Mini is largely done. Belts and end stops next. Now the bad news: waiting. Found out the heat sink on my 2 available hot ends, one of which is an E3D V6 is too large for the retainer to hold the hot end on the effector. The fan duct that goes around the heat sink is not wide enough and retainer ends up bending. I had also planned to use one of my all metal extruders but I relented and I will use the printed one. That means waiting for new gears. Why? Because this is one of two largely identical deltas and I’d like to get them as close as possible to showcase how easy it is to switch from RAMPS to the Mini. So now I have to wait until Wednesday to finish this, although I can test some of the mechanical movement this weekend. I am printing a mount to hold the spool on top before I bolt down the top frame. I might build my Sintron Mini Delta just to have it ready too.

Ok, no I can’t wait. I started printing replacment parts while the all metal stuff gets here…Dear Lord in all thy wisdom, grant me the precious gift of patience: BUT I WANT MINE RIGHT NOW!!!

This is the exact build kit I was going to order for my first ever printer. I ended up going all out on building it from scratch and using smooth rods for uprights instead kg slide rails because they were so damn expensive. In the end I had so many issues with print quality I scraped it all and did a prusa rework instead. Still I will one day have me a delta printer if it’s the last printer I own. Looks good.

This one and its blue colored brother and its all metal larger sibling have been sitting in a box for over a year…had to let them out. And my advice…use rails.

Will keep in mind for my build. I may just get the kit with rails included . Are you going with auto Z probe or manual leveling?

Inductive sensor. Printing the mount now while I write the Instructable for the SD3 conversion. Have to go to Online Metals to get a metal disk cut to put on my heatbed for it.