First test build of Daniel Noree's excellently designed F1 car printed in ABS.

(Dragos Ruiu) #1

First test build of Daniel Noree’s excellently designed F1 car printed in ABS. Build notes: using RTL fasteners hardware I found some of the 3mm nuts didn’t go in so I substituted 2.5mm hardware. The rims and back spoiler required raft+bridging support, and the big tall body pieces required extra wide rafts to stay stuck to the build plate. The only servo that’s could source locally in hobby shops was a hotel HS-55, pretty anemic for a steering servo, I’ll have to rework that do something better, the HS-225MG is a bit too big to fit into the nose but something like a HS-5085MG might fit in with a slightly reworked servo holder. Two pairs of widely available 2mm bearings (Traxxas Part, 7020) can be used for the wheels. Everything fits into the very cleverly secured by springy scale aero parts main compartment of the monocoque very tidily.

Now waiting on the material to print tires, and see how it runs.

But @Daniel_Noree the burning question after building it and putting the components in, is why you didn’t leave the top lid air intake open and functional to leave cooling airflow over the power train to the back exhaust?

My other concern will be scraping bolt heads off the bottom at speed. Might build a thin sacrificial skid plate. Looking forward to it and Thank You for an amazing design really. So much cleverness there you appreciate after building the parts.

(Daniel Norée) #2

The top lid air intake is supposed to be open, but I had some problems getting it the way I wanted and time was a critical factor as I needed to turn my attention on other details. But I’ll fix that for sure. The idea is that the air will pass the engine and go out the back (which is open). Thanks for the pictures, it looks great! =)

(brett turnage) #3

Looks great! You might want to try a low profile servo like the savox sc-1251mg. I used it in my build and can highly recommend it. There are also downloadable files for low profile servo holders on Thingiverse.

(Josh Rhodes) #4

How many pieces and hours of printing for this fabulous machine?

(Hobby Hardware) #5

looking great
for the chassis screws, you are supposed to use countersunk, so it wont scrap anywhere

(Dragos Ruiu) #6

Re screws, was limited by what I had already and locally sourced with most things closed for holidays. Will order some better ones for later builds. Build time, 40 pieces several (rims, steering, and wheel nuts require multiple), the small pieces being 30-60min using .2mm layers. The bigger pieces chassis shell took 2-3 hours and some took 4-5 prints to get right, the tricky part was getting the narrow base of the engine cover, middle shell, lid, and front, tall narrow parts, to stick with a narrow base.

(Dragos Ruiu) #7

Does anyone sell a screw hardware kit for this design yet?

(brett turnage) #8

@Dragos_Ruiu there is a large industrial parts warehouse that I frequeny. I can put a screw kit together.