First successful test...

(Cesco Aiel) #1

First successful test…

(Krijn Schaap) #2

Seems like the cut line is a bit wide?

(Cesco Aiel) #3

Yes, it is… Need to finish setting up the details, etc.
Just wanted to know whether it worked! :wink:

(Bonne Wilce) #4

Its alive :smiley: Looks like you did not set the focus G28.2Z will tell the bed to home to the head, a good macro to make :slight_smile: also you could probably move a little faster when cutting :wink:

(Cesco Aiel) #5

Still need to do those things… This was just an initial test to make sure it all works, but haven’t been able to get LW4 to do the min/max tests for X and Y yet either…

(Danny Brandt) #6

Next time, work from inside to outside. First engrave, second small inner cutouts, last outside cutting.

(Cesco Aiel) #7

This was just a quick’n’dirty test