First 'really big' print off my core-xy c-bot.  Vases are easy, and...

(Eric Pavey) #1

First ‘really big’ print off my core-xy c-bot. Vases are easy, and… look good :wink: 20" tall, 11" diameter, just over 3 hours with the 1mm Volcano nozzle @ 500 micron.

(Chris Zedlitz) #2

Wow. 3 hours, that’s great!

(Jason Mitchell) #3

Nice job. 3 hours is outrageously fast. I run some fast SLA machines, and they would never even come close.

(Eric Pavey) #4

Thanks! Since this thing is so big I intentionally built it for speed. Of course, if this had infill the build time would drop, but I’m happy with it so far :slight_smile:

(Vaughan Lundin) #5

Wow that’s amassing print. My luck , something will go wrong 10 minutes before the end. Well done