First print from my Eustathios V2! Well,

First print from my Eustathios V2! Well, I actually I printed 2 x 20mm calibration cubes to check e steps then this. Printed with 18 month old PLA on the spare “build tak” that came with my Wanhao taped to the bed with no bed heating and no optimisation of settings at all. I couldn’t be happier! I’ve still got a number of things to finish and I’ll post some pics and thoughts once I get everything done.

Credit where it is due. A huge thanks to @Eclsnowman (and those before him)who made this even a realistic option for someone like me. Thanks to @Walter_Hsiao for his designs and also @Maxime_Favre might recognise a few things too. And @Oliver_Seiler for rapid fire advice from this part of the world.

Congratulations. Looking great. I always love to see first prints. I look forward to see as you dial everything in and learn your new machine. Please keep us posted of your progress.

Well done, looks great :slight_smile: