First print after my machine was rebuilt.

First print after my machine was rebuilt. Some kinks are still there but now I know that if I slow down it will be perfect. 0.192 mm height, 40 inner, 35 outer, 50 infill, 3 mm retraction on 50mm/s. Bed 60. Sliced with Cura.

Looking great. Can’t wait to see some printing vids. I always have trouble with that top loop. It’s a bear unless you print it at a snail’s pace. I never liked going slow on my printer :wink:

It was intended to print fast. I will be posting my progress regularly with comments and suggestions. Any experience worth sharing. Plus as soon as I will get a bed cut, I will start printing ABS for the next person in line for Print Forward. My bed is now a retrofitted PCB Mk2a with aluminum heat spreader. It didn’t like ABS at all.

@Eclsnowman can you share the experience on how you tuned the bed.l? Did you use PID? RepRap does not recommend PID with SSRs from what I understood

@Igor_Kolesnik I used PID with SSR on all my printers. No issues here. Just use a high quality SSR like the omron in my BOM.