First plot with

First plot with #bigQr100

Would like to try your circles test, I thing my circles are not round as they should be.

@Karel_Cernohorsky this morning with Shauki squeezed we last neuron for thinking solution similar 8 motion cord (generaly used in Hbot) and asked by Tony in some here post, i know this motion and cord no moves on pulley and permit to have long excursion.
We solution need test but are simple to make and needs:
copuling 5x5
3 rings or gardena tube 19%
3 624 vv
and little modification on stepper motor.
surely this give at your qr better look and no spikes in corner.
hope we can show it soon.

about plot or fix hard pen or as suggest by shauki reduce arm…rember it make force on quand arc as a level …same what ask archimede some “year” ago :slight_smile:

@Darkberg_Aryavis 8 motion…think need you too for your qr1500 when think to finish :stuck_out_tongue:

Similar to hbot… will share my ideas & will discuss