First of the many orders for a Herculein build has arrived.

First of the many orders for a Herculein build has arrived. Probably a month before I get them all, but exciting none the less! I am building with one extruder, E3D Volcano 1.75 Eruption. Thanks to Filastruder for a fast delivery!

Sounds awesome Bruce. Now that you are on the list to get the Smoothieboard, it will only be a short time before more stuff are in place. I still need to get more electronics (heated bed, bed platform, …) :frowning: Lots of things to buy.

So happy to see another one coming together.

@Alex_Lee ​​ this photo should help you audit what’s needed:

@Bruce_Lunde ​, I was reminded by someone recently that between the robotdigg 32tooth pullies and the corner bracket bearings that a small shim washer is needed or the pulley will rub on the bearing. They are fairly cheap, but forgetting them will cause drag. Something like this would work: 10mmx16mmx0.5mm_Shim(McMaster_90214A422)

Also the heated bed mat had the power cable offset 30mm to one side to avoid a screw hole at the back. If your mat was ordered with the lead centered just move the back screw hole and cable outlet pocket in the MDF slightly. Here was the drawing I sent alirubber:

@Alex_Lee ​ they are drill start guides for drilling the extrusions. I hate measuring. Just bolt them to the extrusion, start the hole to establish centers, then pull off the guides and finish the holes by hand with a cordless drill.

Top one is for the 20x80 extrusions on the sides of the frame to access the allen heads of the m5x10mm button heads that hold the horizontal cross support for the z-belt drive as well as the vertical vslot for z guides.

Middle one gives hole centers where the 10mm rods come out through the 20x80 frame for the knobs and drive pulleys.

Last one is for the 20x20 verticals for bolting into the corners. This allows you to access the allen heads of the m5x10mm button head bolts.


Some of the m5 bolts go into tapped holes in the extrusion. Some go into t-nuts dropped into the extrusions.

If a guy had a Bridgeport they wouldn’t be needed. But all I have is a Ryobi :wink:

@Bruce_Lunde , also note the vertical V-Slot guides are not centered in the frame. They are offset since the hot ends hang off the front of the carriage. Hence these vertical guides are forward to center the bed in the travel area of the nozzle:

@Eclsnowman Thanks for all this information, I have copied this post to my notes pages! @Alex_Lee Excellent news!!

Hopefully you can help me make it cohesive and collected together. It is great having you on Team HercuLien!

@Dat_Chu Excited about the smoothie board!

@Bruce_Lunde you and I both :slight_smile: