First of all many many thanks to the creators of chilipeppr for providing such

I can give you access to that Github repo so you can push to it automatically. I’ll add the widget to the TinyG workspace too so you can test it without your own workspace. What’s your Github username?

Its lenne0815

Ill start to “fiddle” with it tomorrow ! thanks :slight_smile: ( even though i didnt really understand anything contained there, but then again, i learned a lot of stuff auto didactic in the past and it seems like you made it dau readable :wink: )

Ok, published to main workspace. If you have your controller connected you will see Flash messages in the middle of the screen as you hit each button or move the joysticks. You’ll see a connect Flash message as well if it finds your controller. This was pretty easy to do.
missing/deleted image from Google+

I mapped the B and Y buttons in the code. B sends ! for feedhold. Y toggles send of M7 or M9.

I wish you a great new year !

Hey John, i ran into an issue using cloud9 to edit the widget, opposed to your instructional video on creating cutstom workspaces i dont get the url from the script like you do here Cloud 9 itself is very different from the version shown in you video, its called AWS Cloud 9 now ?

Resolved, somehow the aws cloud 9 ui doesnt preview with the context menu, instead theres a new button at the top Preview / Preview running application.

I fell in love with Cloud9. Amazon fell in love with Cloud9 and then went and bought them about a year ago. Now they’re making changes to the interface, so not surprised you’re running into things looking different. I’m still on the old account so they haven’t changed things on me yet.

Yeah, i already made changes to the plugin but i cant test them now unfortunately, now being able to run and preview the runme.js it unfortunately messes the links up, the output is f.e.:

chilipeppr.load() URL

Github URL

I cant log in with github like you did i think thats the reason why its confused to create the right links ?

runme.js is just a node.js script, so you can just run “node runme.js” from the command line. It does do a lot of cleanup for you. What I think cloud9 does, when you authenticate via github, is auto create your github username/password fields in .git settings files. You can do those from the command line as well. Just get it so that you can run git pull without having to manually enter your user/pass and if you can do that, i think you’re golden to then have runme.js clean up and check in your commits for you.

Ok, ill try that !

Hmm, do i need to authenticate via ssh ? in git settings is a username but no password ? I think the script works so far ( it does upload to github just fine but the urls are messed up for some reason ) This is what im getting: ( I just refreshed without any changes, the url behaviour is the same for all widgets )

missing/deleted image from Google+

I figured it out using the credential thing but the urls remain the same :frowning:

Yeah, I tried playing with some code too on the new Amazon instances and it is different enough that it’s more than the credentials issue. Amazon changed how all the preview URL’s will work. This is solvable, but it’s a big change.

Is there a workaround you would recommend which im able to do or is it hopeless for me until changed ?

Well, if you look in runme.js on line 606, here’s some changes I made to fix the Readme generating script. To achieve this I had to manually define the URL’s in the widget.js rather than letting runme.js figure them out. There are a few areas where these URL’s have to get fixed.

md = md.replace(/$widget-cpurl/g, github.rawurl);
md = md.replace(/$widget-editurl/g, editUrl);
md = md.replace(/$widget-giturl/g, github.url);
md = md.replace(/$widget-testurl/g, testUrl);
md = md.replace(/$widget-cpurl/g, widget.url);
md = md.replace(/$widget-editurl/g, widget.fiddleurl);
md = md.replace(/$widget-giturl/g, widget.githuburl);
md = md.replace(/$widget-testurl/g, widget.testurl);

I think the best solution though is for runme.js to decide whether it’s in the amazon version of cloud9 or the original version. If it’s in the amazon version, it just figures out all those URL’s in a different way and possibly prompts you to store your github login/pass as well. Not too bad, but some work.

Ooh, I found another way. It looks like you can go direct to and login via your Github account to get the original experience and then runme.js shouldn’t need changed. Long term though we’d probably have to still get the logic into runme.js.

Unfortunately that doesnt seem to work for me, i still need an old c9 acc that i cant create anymore :frowning: