First moves - top "pyramid" kraken containment vessel half assembled,

First moves - top “pyramid” kraken containment vessel half assembled, limit switches (except z) mounted, just need to run all the thermistor and power resistor wires, and get some longer tubing. Then mount 4 extruders on the 4 sides of the pyramid, and figure out how to route the filament off a rack that will hang off the back.

Nabbed the old heat exchanger off a pentium 4 processor water cooling system, using it without a fan to cool kraken. Overkill for sure!

Nice looking build! What kind of heated bed (if any) will you be using?

Love the bumblebee look. Reminds me of my old cbr600 sport bike.

Also the acrylic bottom panel is great. Mine is only MDF, now I have a new project.

I see you are using the larger pulleys on the motors for x/y. I ended up dropping to 20 tooth pulleys because pla nozzle catches were enough to create layer shift. After I switched to smaller pulleys my issues went away.

Keep us posted, and great job.

need longer movie!

Using a silicone heated bed - 24 V 300 watt, bonded to AL heat spreader plate (that is mounted to leveling screws) with glass sheet held on top by binder clips. Metal plate gets in a few days…