First moves in xy. Y moves seem great.

First moves in xy. Y moves seem great. Not even run the burn in gcode completely yet. X moves are a little noisy. Not yet sure why. I moved one of the pulleys away from the bearing block a little that seemed to help, so perhaps they are rubbing on the bearings?

Z axis pulleys arrive tomorrow then hopefully I can finish that stage. Printing will have to wait till after I move house and get the shapeoko up and running again to cut the alu plate.

For those with a careful eye you might notice something odd about my eustathios, can you guess what? Bear in mind you are looking at it from the left.

Looks like you mirrored the z drive motor to drive from the front. Is that it?

Yep. Completely by accident. The prusa i3 I used to print all the parts was setup wrong. All the parts came out mirrored in the y axis. I didn’t notice till I tried to assemble the main carriage!

It was easy enough to fix but I didn’t want to reprint everything so I just redid the non symmetrical parts like the carriage and duct. Hopefully it won’t mess anything up!

Also did you put a shim in between the pulleys and the bearings:

If not the pulley tends to rub on the bearing. If the pulley is not seated against the shim, then the shim to the bearing the rod floats. That can let the rod rub against the printed bearing pillow block and wear or cause friction.

But all-in-all looking great and can’t wait to see more updates and progress.

Aha! I totally missed that. Damn. Guess I am taking it all apart again. Thanks @Eclsnowman ​ I would not have caught that.

Bugger, I missed that shim, too.

I hope when @Seth_Messer ​​ gets his build guide up I can have you guys add your tips/trick learned from your builds. There are lots of things I just know from experience… Or because I modeled them. So I forget how to “not already know the answer”.

For example I know the Misumi pulleys need no shims because the have a small step built into the hub… But the robotdigg ones do need them.

Thats why I am glad someone else like Seth is making the guide… It means there are no assumptions.

No worrie @Eclsnowman , this forum is awesome for getting all the support needed. Yes, it’s a somewhat steep learning curve, but I do enjoy that quite a bit (remind me next time something doesn’t work).

Oh, and kudos to @Seth_Messer of course B-)

Awesome job @Ben_Delarre ! No kudos or thanks to me just yet. I’m just now getting started, snapping pictures and staging everything. One thing that @Eclsnowman told me as a tip, which is holding to be very true, is make sure I insert all the t-nuts needed before assembling the frame. :slight_smile: (forgot some already, doh).

I’ve been using this eDrawings app to try and reference everything, but it’s horrendously slow.

@Ben_Delarre which of the files did you reference to do the assembly of everything thus far?

I used the eustathios v2 solidworks files. But honestly I am rubbish at following instructions, so I didn’t pay enough attention to the model.

I can also highly recommend getting the tnut count right but you will always forget one.

Oh and for those ordering from robot digg. Don’t get their post insertion nuts. They are rubbish compared to the misumi ones. The misumi ones fix themselves in place with a little bump to create friction. This means you can place them then screw into them reliably. The robotdigg ones rotate into place when doing them up, sometimes they fail to rotate and you just end up tightening the nut not pulling your piece against the extrusion.

Hello, looks good so far, smooth movements, do you mind telling me what gcode do you use to make it move? i just startedmoving mine and still have to test it intensively.


Thank you very much @Eclsnowman !