First Moves for my HercuLien!  Connected smoothieboard up, installed pronterface,

First Moves for my HercuLien! Connected smoothieboard up, installed pronterface, and a power supply and Boom, operational!

Lots of bolts and belts to tighten, and on to wiring the unit, then to get the extruder assembled.

Great to see things moving. One thing to make sure is the cross bars are parallel with the frame and side rods. I just loosen the corner pulleys on the shaft, and the slide the cross rod to the side and put some spacer in between the side rod and the cross rod. Once you know spacing is consistent, then confirm the corner pulley is pushed up tight against the bearing and shim, then tighten down the pulley set screw.

Hey Bruce have you gotten the z bed yet?

@Dat_Chu ​ I will be cutting the mdf tomorrow, I have the heater, and hope to get the aluminum next week, but have not ordered it yet.

I see. I am trying to source the mdf + aluminum plate and wants to get as much input from others as possible. Maybe there will be a group order pop up somewhere that I can join :slight_smile:

Cannot you use your router to make the MDF?

I used a router for the perimeter shelf cut for the aluminum to sit on. Then routed the perimeter of the relief pocket for the silicon heater. The routed the relief pockets for the plug wires. Then I randomly crossed the center mass remaining with the router which helped break it up into smaller chunks. Then I used a chisel to remove the bulk of the mass in that main relief pocket. Its far less dusty than routing all that material away.