First movements and job with my "ox" (a 24x48 frame with 20x60, gt2 belts,

First movements and job with my “ox” (a 24x48 frame with 20x60, gt2 belts, and nema 17 instead of the more overkill components) running the grbl workspace on a 6 year old Inspiron 1525 laptop. Works great. Time to jump into aluminum.


Awesome to see that ChiliPeppr as first run again on a brand spankin’ new build! This looks like a nice big machine.

What was the final cost for this machine if I may ask?

@Al_Kelvy I bought the parts over a year ago and had the frame built using printed parts and hand drilled MDF plates just sitting there for a while. So here’s my thoughts:
I was really efficient with the v slot consumption and used the off cuts as part of the MDF support on the bottom. The whole thing is 4 pcs 20x60 @1500mm and 2pcs @1000mm, with almost no waste. That’s $123 of openbuilds v slot.
28 solid v wheels is another $112
4 nema 17 motors $15 each = $60 (I used kysans not openbuilds motors at the time)

2 idler pulleys, gt2 belts and pulleys, $10 grbl control set, $10 for the MDF bed, fasteners, spacers, and the harbor freight trim router for another $30.
I had built a small mill to cut the plates from aluminum which was probably $20-30 of raw sheets for the plates and all the corner brackets which I cut myself.

So that comes out to around $400, which sounds right. Maybe closer to $500 once shipping is factored in, misc. costs, etc.