First how can we build one?

First how can we build one?
Second can we have the companion app for LaserWeb4? :slight_smile:


Peacyprinter reborn… same item…other use…no see price but If 99$ same price too…same finish?

It is only an 800mW laser diode…just a toy.

if it burns wood it will burn eyes!

I agree it is frigin dangerous, at least a CO2 laser won’t fry your retinas and acrylic safety glasses will stop an unfocused beam from doing any damage. This thing is a lawsuit waiting to happen. But they do have an enclosure that is available to use with it, if you use it the chance of damage decreases significantly

There is nothing written about resolution, but the price can’t suggest a highres optical scanner.

Laser your Eyes, anytime, anywhere

Safety level: none

Time to shoot a disco ball!

Maybe it will do lasik!

That’s a new tattoo machine :wink:

The tech and overall design is cool BUT…OMG. That is actually so dangerous. It will NEVER be legal in the USA/AUS in that configuration.

Holy moly!

2axis galvometer

How do they cool this lol

Yeah, that thing is a bad idea.


So no Cubiio :frowning:

I was pondering the focal point issue. This is really cool, but also really dangerous.