First Fabkit already being modded before its even finished :D Be great if LW

First Fabkit already being modded before its even finished :smiley:
Be great if LW could control leds like this to show job progress etc,

Originally shared by Krijn Schaap

First unofficial fabkit modifications. Without the lights in the logo the machine was a bit lacking, so I put in a small 36 led WS2811 derrived (neopixel) strip in there and linked to an Arduino Pro Mini in the electronics enclosure.

Used some wago connectors (thanks for introducing me to those @Bonne Wilce , they are great) i branched of the smoothie’s 5V supply to hook them up.

Finally some pull down resistors, two wires to some free pins on the snoothieboard and teo switch modules in smoothies configuration and I have some M-code controlled leds.

Just need to add them to the start and end of the job and the logo will show job in progress and when it’s finished. When I get the time I want to see if I can get the job progress directly from laserweb and make the leds into a progressbar (they are individually addressable after all)

Aw shame. Well we can still do some cool things with mcommands

@Krijn_Schaap is using a Aurdino so that could great more complex things and the smoothie just out puts pin 1-2-3

I love the look of the machine @Bonne Wilce!

Smoothie has the laser TTL pin. Its not the same as what you’re asking, but when properly configured, its a 5V signal indicating the laser is on…

+Peter van der Walt sure, so it’s more complicated than I understood, but I’m betting you could use the laser TTL to trigger a 555.

@Richard_Betel what are you talking about? what did you think we were talking about?