First demo of what I’ve been working on.

(Will Norton) #1

First demo of what I’ve been working on. Still don’t really know where I’m headed with this project but it’s starting to look better every day! I’m still tidying up the code a little bit before I share it with everyone. If your interested in looking at the code let me know and I’ll post it! Cheers!

(Marc Miller) #2

@Will_Norton that’s looking cool. I would be interested in the code when you’ve had a chance to tidy.

Just a reminder that since ‘Google Plus’ is shutting down entirely, this whole discussion group has moved to Reddit. Please consider posting this project over there.

(Andrew Tuline) #3

That looks like a lot of fun and sound reactive to boot. Oh, and code is always more than welcome. I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to FastLED display routines.

(Will Norton) #4

@marmil @Andrew_Tuline I have posted this to reddit with a link to my GitHub. I’m eagerly awaiting your feedback/criticism. Haha

(Will Norton) #5

@Andrew_Tuline I also believe I used quite a bit of your code to write this. I mostly adapted some of your soundmems to use instead of so I can have multiple frequencies to play with.

(Franck Marcotte) #6

Nice! What are those tubes?

(Marc Miller) #7

@Franck_Marcotte check out the answer here: - r/FastLED - First demo of my FastLED project (info in the comments below)

(Franck Marcotte) #8

@marmil Thanks I couldn’t find the thread earlier