First cut photos and info.

(Rod Wintle) #1

First cut photos and info. Looking for feedback, suggestions:

3.175 6061 aluminum plate
Single flute upcut 3.0mm carbide endmill (SMW3D)
Small amount of WD40 for lube
100mm/min feed rate
10mm/min plunge rate
12,000 rpm spindle
109% Overcut (Sketchucam)
30% Step Over

The object is a 25mm cube with 2 4mm and 2 5mm holes.
Holes appear VERY close to 4 and 5mm (measured with caliber)

Final results had the Y-axis of the cube measured at 24.82mm and the Y-axis at 24.17mm

I did have the bit diameter set to 3.175mm. So, I am sure this probably messed up my cut some, right? The bit says it has a 3mm cut.

Thoughts, input, suggestions all welcomed :slight_smile:


(Rod Wintle) #2

Wanted to add a bit of calc’s i have been doing to see if this makes sense:

I measured my X-axis to be ~ 3% negative to expectations (24.17mm vs expected 25mm). I entered the bit as 3.175mm vs actual of 3mm for cut diameter (+6%). So, basically, my cut should have been 6% larger than 25mm, but, ended up -3%. Now in SketchuCam I entered a Overcut of 109%. The delta from +6% to -3% is 9%. Maybe this was due to the 109% setting? Of course this means my Y axis needs a minor tweak, but, what do you guys think?

(Rod Wintle) #3

Turns out that In/Outside Overcut % in SketchUCam is for depth. So, essentially go 109% of material thickness. Looks like i need to calibration steps maybe

(Brandon Satterfield) #4

@Rod_Wintle great looking first cut sir! Way better than my first.

If your holes (much smaller diameter) seem accurate and the larger item 25mm square seems small, I agree with steps/mm.

Might want to go to something cheap like MDF (have a respirator, stuff puts off some bad junk) and go much larger on the square. 12"x12" maybe or larger. It’s easier to iterate a few steps/mm test without wasting expensive material.

(Matt Herrera) #5

Thanks for sharing the settings for Aluminum looks like a good place to start when I finally make that step. Sticking to wood for now.