First all axis moves...

(Eugenio Villaverde) #1

First all axis moves…

(BNTcréation) #2

Looks serious!

(Eugenio Villaverde) #3

@J.P_Saini are you true, this is a first move for 3 axis move and i have to tuning the servos (servos have resonation), when i tuning servos then i can put very fast (think about 15000milimeters minute) and the table its too fragile for more velocity at the moment, regards

(Jon O'Hare) #4

wow, going great. :slight_smile:

(Eugenio Villaverde) #5

@Anthony_Nicholas Thanks for your support with your kind words, really i dont know exactly but more or less 950x950x100 milimeters but with ZERO Backlash and 0,02 milimeters of precision but foward i will put more videos with mitutoyo gauge proofs, regards