Firmware oddity

I am wondering if I am shutting down improperly, as I am having an odd problem with the firmware file changing from FIRMWARE.CUR to just FIRMWARE, after shutting down my system. I currently power down by turning off the power supply to the Smoothie board. I just finished the setup of my smoothieboard and a Herculien 3D printer. I was able to test the limit switches, move the extruder all around the bed of my printer, and test both the heater bed and the extruder heater, including an auto PID session. Then I power it all down to go attend to other work, and when I return, and power up, the system is acting weird, with no power going to any of the motors or heated components.Power is on, the smoothie gets power and I can get to the web interface. Both times, I went back and hooked up the USB cable, I found the firmware name was FIRMWARE instead FIRMWARE.CUR; If I load a new copy of firmware.bin, disconnect USB, and power down the printer, it will all come back up, running properly.
But then later, it returns back to the non-functional state?

Is there a more proper way to shut down the Smoothieboard? Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

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I’ve never seen that happen with anyone, it’s quite odd.
It likely has nothing to do with how you turn the Smoothieboard off.
Is this the SD card that came with the board ? Did you ever format it ?
What kind of computer and operating system are you using ? Does the .CUR also dissapear if you try this on another computer ?

This is the original SD card that came with the smoothieboard. I have not formatted it, I have changed the config file, and updated the firmware. Installed new webinf.

I will try formatting the SD and copying over these files again.

I am using Windows 10 on my PC, and accessing the board via the ethernet connection. I have the new webinf on the card.

One symptom of note is that I have now also had an incident where I am connected via the ethernet connection, driven the extruder around to validate that the stepper motors are working, then went off to do something else, and when I came back, the LEDs were no longer flashing, nothing from the web interface was changing. Had to put another copy of the firmware.bin in the SD and restart.

Using the modified web interface.

I will try this from another Windows PC (it is also Win10).

Well, this certainly is strange. I formatted a new SD card with the SDformatter tool. I copied a new firmware.bin, my config for my HercuLien, and webif to the new card.
Inserted this card into the smoothieboard, and fired it up. I went to a different computer than before, installed a new copy of firefox, then proceeded to jump into the web interface (new one).

I went to the directional controls and tried to move the X by 10, nothing. No directional movement on Y nor Z, no bed heater, no extruder. The LEDs are all on, with the two green ones flashing as normal. I then connected to the USB connection and opened the card up, once again, FIRMWARE not FIRMWARE.CUR

I am lost.

Can you please try doing the following : 

If the problem still occurs, tell us here, and also try using a new SD card and doing the same thing with it.

My last effort was with a brand new SD card, but I an unsure about the fat32, so I will go back and do that, and I will pick up another SD card as well.

I will do all of these steps this evening and advise, thanks for you responses!

Completed these steps with a brand new card, and I have movement after two power downs and back up. I guess I have a bad SD card that I used last night, although it was new in the packaging from walley-world.
I will proceed to update the config file with my build specific setting [one by one] and execute power downs to validate the rest of the functionality. Thanks Arthur!