Firmware CR10

(stephane semal_SW) #1

HI plz i need help :slight_smile:
I am looking for a config.txt for a mks sbase 1.3 adapted to a cr10, can you help me, thank you

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

First off, you want to read :

Second, it’s a very bad idea to re-use somebody else’s configuration file, even if it is for the same machine. It is very important that you read all of the documentation before using Smoothie, If you do not, you are putting yourself at grave risk for your safety. Re-using somebody’s config file 99.9% means you are trying to avoid reading/understanding the documentation. That’s very dangerous, do not do it.

The documentation is very complete, and hundreds of people use it every month to get their printers running, just read all of it, and you will have no problem getting your machine up and running, no “pre-made” config file required. And if you run into any trouble, you can simply ask for help here.

*Please* if somebody else has a pre-made CR10 config file, do not share it, you would not be helping people, you would be putting them in danger. If they have questions ( like “what is the thermistor type” etc ) you can just answer that, but please don’t post the full config.

(stephane semal_SW) #3

yes of course but it’s just to have an example of confguration :slight_smile:

(Arthur Wolf) #4

Oh that’s easy :