Firmware config ignored or unresponsive to designated GCodes

Problem description

When I recently tried to enable a specific pin in the firmware to output power on a gcode command on my OmTech Laserboard (that is what it is called in the firmware, I am not 100% what the actual brand is or what OEM they are getting it from and repurposing), I expect to be able to tell my software to send that command at the start of the job, but instead nothing happens.

This problem is despite the commands being sent as seen in the console on the job start and stop nothing happens. No voltage change on that pin. Either the silk screen on the back does not mean what I think it means and the pin labels are not in fact pin lables, the config is not being read when the board turns on, or I am missing something else entirely.

My system description

  • I have a Smoothieboard v1

  • I am running Smoothieware version: edge-54d22942

  • I connect to my Smoothieboard via USB Windows system

  • My Smoothieboard controls a: OmTech K40 Laser

Here is my configuration:

This is the snippet of the part of the config in question: 
switch.misc.enable                           true             
switch.misc.input_on_command                 M42              #
switch.misc.input_off_command                M43              #
switch.misc.output_pin                       0.5              # Test Air
switch.misc.output_type                      digital          # just an on or off pin

The whole config is here:

This is the back of the board I am using - basically I am trying to get the board to output 5v to my solenoid whenever the laser is firing. For the time being it is connected to the designated blow port but this only fires on laser passes set to over 63% power in Lightburn. I would prefer it just fire the air assist anytime the laser is firing.

can we see the other side of the board?

Sure thing:

That’s most definitely not a Smoothieboard, if it was sold as such, you were scammed…
These sorts of boards most often come with counterfeit parts and very bad production quality, which leads to all sorts of issues for their users…

I found the manual for the board on the OMTECH website. In LB, it recognizes the board as a Smoothieboard which means it is running an OEM Smoothieware on a none true Smoothieboard. This being said, you will need to know the boards pin info to correctly control it.

Apologies - I realize now I said this was a smoothieboard - I really just meant it was running smoothie firmware. I knew this was not a smoothieboard when I bought it - I got it directly from my laser’s manufacturer but don’t for a second believe it is something they make themselves.

Thanks HalfNormal - I have been through that manual when I started to explore this but there is no pinout on it, from what I have gleaned from these two answers is that my issue is not a normal experience. I can assume that simply changing the config should have resulted in the board updating its settings when it fired up.

Does anyone know a way of sending raw commands to the board through a console where I can experiment with figuring out the pins?

The info was for @Arthur_Wolf, he may not know that OMT is using a smoothie style board and firmware.

I can assume that simply changing the config should have resulted in the board updating its settings when it fired up.

Yes, resetting the board will read the config.

About something to send commands directly to the board, you can try pronterface for example, see software []