Fire2012 is looking hot behind this frosted acrylic flame.

Fire2012 is looking hot behind this frosted acrylic flame.

That looks really really cool!

@Erin_St_Blaine or really hot :wink:

Looks great!

Acrylite Satinice or another kind of frosted acrylic?

If you could map the straight fire lines into curves that match the curves in the acrylic that could look even better.

@Nevada_Smith that’s just the default for testing. I used the 144/m density which makes a more ‘full’ flame.

@Erin_St_Blaine thanks!

@Pixelmatix that is laser etched 1/8" clear acrylic. @TechShop Pittsburgh has some awesome laser cutters.

Do you mean to suggest a spine of pieces that are edge lit and attach to the pack of the flame for better light channeling?
That’s a pretty good idea! Though it would require extreme patience because there is 72 lights.

This looks GREAT!!

Hotness! Is that just one vertical strip? How tall is it?

@marmil 0.5 meters of LEDs. The flame is approximately 22" tall, but the whole piece is 27" long

beautiful !!

Very nicely made! Could look “really cool” with the Ice palette instead of Heat. :slight_smile:

@Christopher_Smolinsk The effect was so good I thought you had a grid made out of several strips behind, not just a strip. My comments don’t apply. Very impressed.

Looks nice. Cool effect with the glass