Finished printing F1 car. Now need electronics.

Finished printing F1 car. Now need electronics. Can I strip from cheap r/c toy car to just use as toy? $200+ is a lot for electronics.

I have had the same thought, though I assume you will need to create custom mounts. Cheap toys aren’t intended to be modular.

The major issue is the battery. This requires a very small and narrow battery. You can change some of the specs and buy a 2000ma battery instead of a 4200ma battery. The 2000ma battery usually runs for $20. I bought a different motor and esc for around $40 on Amazon, but do be aware that more powerful motors may need to be limited or it could lead to breaking the axle.

Are you coming from absolute zero here? Meaning you don’t have any existing RC hardware (transmitter, battery charger, batteries)?

If so, there’s only so many corners you can cut to get the cost down. $200 is probably a bit on the high side, but not by much.

Trying to use toy-grade hardware will just be a waste of time; it won’t be strong enough, and like already said, you’d need to significantly redesign the mounts to even get it to fit.

Yeah, and if you look around you can find stuff pretty cheap… You might have to wait a month or two depending upon where it comes from cough China cough but that is what it sometimes has to be.

I have this controller:

For what it is worth. It is a nice controller that can handle multiple models to be paired with it. Don’t let the Amazon discount make you go wow though. They are selling for around $35-40 without a discount, it is just the first link I found.

I have no existing hardware.
Would the recommended hardware for the F1 also fit the Truggy? If so, then $200 seems reasonable.
Also, what kind of charger is needed for the battery?

Lipo charger. Usually around $20-30 if you buy the traxxas model.

@brett_turnage can you post a link to a charger on Amazon that is compatible with the required battery for the F1 car? It appears that there are different ratings for different chargers.
Also, is a “power supply” a battery charger? I am assuming this means it supplies constant power to something and would not be suitable for charging, but you never know. I am new to this r/c hobby.


All you need is motor, esc, lipo battery 1500-4000 rating, radio control (transponder and received–they come together), servo.

The battery has to be compact so make sure the dimensions of the battery are similar in size to the one listed in Daniel’s write-up or you will not have enough room.

And many places sell a motor and esc combo so you don’t have to worry if they are compatible.

Thanks guys! I bought all of the parts and put it together! Once my ninja flex arrives I will print the tires and see how things go!

hey curtis, would you mind, sharing the list of parts that you had to bought for the project?
cannot find the list in anyowere!! thank you