Finished my Stevenson Screen project.

(Alex Wiebe) #1

Finished my Stevenson Screen project. The lower rings were printed with white PLA, while the top is blue PLA (quickly spray painted white). Two of the rings had extruder jams while printing that I caught in time to ‘rescue’.

For the cap I switched to blue PLA as I had run out of white. I also changed my software path. I installed Repetier-Host on my Ubuntu system and found out Slic3r wasn’t working, so I downloaded KISSlicer and grabbed someone else’s settings for a Printrbot Simple.

I’m not sure if it is the blue PLA, the lower temperature (190C vs 200C) or some other setting, but the filament is coming out thinner, and not sticking as well to the previous layer. SIze is nearly perfect (better than I was getting with Slic3r via my XP machine).

Also, between the lower temperature and adding a fan to cool the extruder, I was able to print the lid without a jam in just under 3 hours! (My longest print to date)

If you want to build one of these:

Print as many of the rings ( ) as you wish and glue them together.

Top with the cap ( ) and hang outside. Feed the temperature sensor up the bottom and secure with wire ties.

Hopefully this will tone down the spikes in temperature I record in the morning / evening when the sun shines on the North side of our house ( )