Finished my FastLED snowflake to add somethinh new to this year's display.

Finished my FastLED snowflake to add somethinh new to this year’s display. I added and improved some sequences based on feedback from a few months back. I can link source code later if anyone needs or wants to peek. Thanks for the encoragement!

Very cool, Mike, looks great!

Agreed. I like it a lot. I would be interested in any info you have on building this. I’m a little new to this and have dealt with LED’s in a single line and am looking into doing more with non-linear configurations.

Very nice sequencing. I would be interested in studying your programming as to how it relates to your wiring setup. It so varied and not easy to predict. Good job. Thanks for sharing.

Looks great!

Great build and animations !!

Heck yeah! Looks great!!
Links are always appreciated. Lol

I doubt I’d have time to attempt this on my own given the proximity of the holiday, but I’d still love to see the code. Please link. Thanks!

Really Nice. Like others I’m interested in how you mapped FastLEDs to your physical layout. If you didn’t want to share code immediately I’d be happy with a summary of how you went about it.

Where do you live?
How big is that thing.

WOW amazing great work would love to make one do you share the code thanks

@Mike_Katchmar - Superb animation! I too would love to see your code. Thanks for sharing your great video.

Thanks for the kind words! Below are some answers:
You can buy the 35" structure for the snowflake from Boscoyo Studio:

I have this mounted about 8 ft high in a maple tree. It lights up my entire front yard. I had to turn down the brightness on the video for my phone to record it, but it is super bright!

Code is here. It’s not amazing or cleaned up, but you can follow the sub-routines easily to see what’s going on. If you have questions ask. The custom arrays for branches, rings, etc are really the hard part and what achieves the mapping which makes the rest of the coding a little easier. I did this last year with my 5 pointed star.

When I get home I’ll snap a picture of how I mapped the LEDs to the coro structure itself. If you don’t do it the same as me then copying the code can be a bit tricky unless you end the customized arrays. I should be able to get a picture tonight. BTW - I injected 12VDC at both ends of the LED chain just to be safe - that part is kind of easy since the start and stop points are side by side.

@Gibbedy_G I live in Ohio, its not really that big, but it sure is bright!

This is the mapping. Zoom in to see numbers starting with 0.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Thank you. Understanding all this is going to keep me busy for a while!