Finished assembling a mini drill press for Dremel.

Finished assembling a mini drill press for Dremel. Hope it works. ( thing:754248 )

Awesome job! Looks great!

Any link to STL files or so?

@Josef_Jelinek ∆∆∆∆ look above for the thing

it works…I have the same.

es el comienzo de un nuevo proyecto esta herramieta se hace util

For those of you who don’t know, when you see a “thing” reference, that mean it is the thingiverse project reference. OP says it’s thing:754248. Which means the complete URL is


Huh, may have to look into that one day.

That looks great! I think I might print one with a small tweak or two to satisfy my engineers eye.

Is Thingiverse still owned by Takerbot?

@Cliff_Bramlett It is.

That’s a shame. I refuse to use Thingiverse until I don’t have to worry about Takerbot stealing ideas again.

Takerbot. Is there an alternative. Most sites want to empty your wallet. Press looks nice !

There are some. I bet Makerbot does their best to buy out or shut down alternatives.

awesome mini!